Format language Date Picker

How to format the language of the date picker?

Hi Marzio,
Please check the following tutorial:

I tried several times even starting from the beginning, but after inserting Moment where I find it to configure it?



Please check the tutorial, after inserting the moment framework you need to add the moment component in app structure.
It is already explained in the video I sent.

Sorry it’s true, but I had skipped the passage
Thank You

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Maybe totally different question, but how to show dates (days, months) in output pages. E.g. when I have date shown it shows in English (9 may 2019) instead of preferred Dutch (9 mei 2019). I can’t use the old “set locale”. Can this be done?

I had success with Dateformat() in expressions but I‘m also wondering how to:

  • Make monday as the beginning of my week
  • Change Language to german or others and not only english Weeks/Months like „december etc.“

Stackoverflow says:

var march = moment('2017-03')
console.log(march.format('MMMM')) // 'March'

moment.locale('de') // returns the new locale, in this case 'de'
console.log(march.format('MMMM')) // 'March' still, since the instance was before the locale was set

var deMarch = moment('2017-03')
console.log(deMarch.format('MMMM')) // 'März'

// You can, however, change just the locale of a specific moment
console.log(march.format('MMMM')) // 'Marzo'

With Version 2.8+ maybe also simply via:


This means I will have to set locale for each month seperately?

i guess you can call that language for all of your weeks/months at once. But maybe easiet to call the german /italian or whatever language pack of momentjs. You need to call that function before loading your scripts

Hi all,
Don’t work for me.
I have added the framework, added the component, but date are still not localized “in french”.
In fact, i do not understand how wappler links moment component and date used in the code.

what have i done wrong?

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For date formatting with moment js you need an extra custom formatter as explained in:

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