Format code stopped working in v4.0.4

Wappler: v4.0.4
Server Model: PHP

I’ve looked here to see if this has already been posted but couldn’t find anything.

The automatic tidying/formatting of code seems to have stopped working. I’m referring to the auto-indenting, etc. as soon as you save a file.

Please check:

Aah, that’s a shame. I’ve just manually formatted it and it’s fine but I did like it doing it automatically.

Is there plans to fix this? Perhaps an option in the settings to turn it on or off? This can create some really ugly and unreadable code?

Please check Patrick’s reply in yeh topic I linked.

It says formatting on save is turned off in PHP doesn’t it? That’s what I understand. Maybe I need more coffee this morning?

Edit: Nevermind, I found how to do it manually. Would still be nice to have this fixed for on save.