Form validation (invalid message for checkbox stays hidden)

Hello dear Wappler superstars !

I’m quickly rebuilding our checkout form, thanks to Wappler. :wink:

Right now, I’ve followed the tutorial to implement form validation (server side with sync to client side).
I want my checkbox (just above the green button) to be checked to allow validation.
So I used the “required” rule (as I couldn’t find a specific “checked” one).

If I validate an empty form, all errors seem to display…
Except the one for the checkbox

I can see that in the code, my checkbox class switches to “is-invalid” so it seems that the rule is triggered.
But the following div stays with display:none and hence, is not visible to the user :

<div id="dmxValidatorErrorcheckoutcgv" class="invalid-feedback">Merci de valider les CGV pour passer commande</div>

Thank you very much for your help and time !

Have a great day :slight_smile:


Awesome, many thanks Ben ! :slight_smile: