Form Validation Handling

Which errors does a form return when there are validation errors?
Server side would be nice to know… But, especially user side?

I’m wanting to say, “If there is a validation error, change value of a variable to X.”

I tried setting most of the server connect errors below (unauthorized, error, etc) but it didn’t seem to work.


I don’t think you can do that with validation. At least I can’t think of a way. But you should be able to do it with a dynamic attribute.

If input Is null set variable to value.

I’m on my phone right now so can’t provide screenshots but hopefully that will give you an idea.


You can configure a specific message in the validation message part - both on client and server side.
Although, I think you will just receive a JSON in invalid error response, so no easy way to show that on client side except creating a custom DMX formatter.