Form submit button - confirmation

I have a form with a submit button. On clicking the Submit button I need an alert to display asking the user if they are sure they want to continue submitting the form - YES or No. Clicking ‘yes’ submits the form, whilst selecting ‘no’ just cancels.

Not sure how to gone about this one. Any assistance?

Use the flows and the supplied Bootbox options for confirmation.

It's the same for bootstrap 4 and 5.

thank you Teodore! Another awesome function of wappler! impressive.
Will read the doc.

@Teodore if I want to use App Structure, because I have a few forms on that page that will need confirmation - is it App Struture and "Page Flow" and App Structure and "App Flow"?

In the article it said:

"You can either create a new flow, in the App Structure and call it later, or create an inline flow to be used just for this form. In our case we will only need the flow for this form, so we click the inline flow button:

Hi again @Teodor. I followed the doc and the button doesn’t do anything. No sure where I went wrong? I’ve made sure I’ve published all the files again. No error is display in the dev toolbox of the browser. The button does nothing.

<form class="d-inline-block" id="fm_CompleteProject" method="post" is="dmx-serverconnect-form" action="../dmxConnect/api/admin/adm_complete_project.php" dmx-on:success="sc_userProjects.load({},true);status.disable()" dmx-on:submit.prevent="run({'bootbox.confirm':{buttons:{confirm:{className:'btn-primary',label:'Yes, continue.'},cancel:{className:'btn-danger',label:'No, cancel'}},message:'Are you sure you want to continue?',title:'confirm',then:{steps:{run:{action:fm_CompleteProject.submit(true),name:'submitform'}}},name:'confirmsubmit'}})">