Form Formatting

I have a number of form formatting questions:

  • how do I create multiple select inline checkboxes - each selected to fill in its own dB record
  • how do I create a radio group with only one possible selection to populate one dB record
  • how do I create a ‘Success’ submission confirmation that displays on the form page
  • how do I insert a state dropdown list for State selection

Hello @randyrie
Not sure if you checked the docs related to working with forms, but there it is explained how to add elements in your form and then how to customize them using the properties panel.

  • Add your checkboxes one after another, then use the “inline” option for each of them in order to make them inline.

  • Add radio group element and fill it with your options.

  • Nothing too special for the select as well … just add a select element and fill it with the options needed and values needed.

Not possible at this point but I see the Bootstrap 4 Alerts is being released as a DW Extension tomorrow so I would expect to see that in Wappler as well in the next update.


Something which you can already do - and which might be a useful alternative for some purposes - is to display a modal dialog on submission. Eg you could reset the form on ‘success’ and display a modal on ‘reset’. (There are probably other combinations of dynamic events which would work, but I don’t think you can add multiple events of the same type).

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Hi Tom,
Multiple dynamic actions on a same event (onsuccess etc.) are already available in app connect.

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Let’s face it, Wappler is not intuitive out of the box. This Community forum has proven invaluable to me as a new user. Without it, I probably would have given up on Wappler and moved on.

We all know that a novice-user will unlikely become an expert-user without counting on available tutorials, forums, step-by-steps, community help, FAQs, etc. to at least get started. So as a novice-user of your product, when I ask a question, I really need a “HOW TO” response and not a generic “Add radio group element and fill with your options’” which is not really helpful.

Obviously, I haven’t located any info regarding form formatting details - I’ve scrutinized the terrific WIKI help info on the GitHub Site but found no details to answer my above question. If a step-by-step or detailed guide is not available you could say so and advise when it will be. I appreciate the product is new and growing and not all help details were available at launch. However, if relevant docs are available, you could point to WERE one could find the related docs rather than respond with “Not sure if you checked the docs…”

You’re building a terrific web building application and I really appreciate all the help you and other forum members have given me.

Keep up the good work.

Hello Randy,
the tutorial which i mention pretty much answers your question where to add radio group from.

It is in the Forms elements category, where all of the form elements are located:

And it is called … multi radio group:

If that is not intuitive, could you please suggest a more intuinitive way of adding radio group to your page?

As for detailed how-to steps - you understand that every user has his own requirements. For example you need a radio group, some other user will need a radio button with red label, some other guy will need a select menu aligned right and it is not quite possible to cover every single requirement for every situation out there in a tutorial.

That is why i pointed you to the working with forms tutorial, where you learn that form elements should be added from the form menu, and that each element’s properties can be changed using the properties panel - so that you can adjust it for your specific requirements for the current situation.

Of course, we are constantly adding new tutorials to our documentation and more detailed guides are coming every week.


Thanks Teodor,

When the ‘success’ option disappeared from the list of options - using the event picker - I assumed you could only assign one action/per event. Now I see what you mean.

The new dynamic events feature is really terrific - and really easy to use (as you might say).


you could add a hidden div and style it as you like then show the div on success with some animation and hide it later.
im 99% sure you can do this right now.

Unfortunately you can't yet. I've tried .... can't wait for the BS4 Alerts coming up in the next update (I hope) :wink:

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Thanks for listing the tutorials URL in your reply. I hadn’t been to the top level of the Wappler site since I first downloaded Wappler and now see the Docs menu item opens a page loaded with tutorials - so again, thanks for providing that link.

Just had a thought (don’t say it :wink: ). Could a link to the docs be added to the top menus of these forum pages? Then there would be no excuse for not visiting them.


You can and its simple to do. (i have done it)

just add a variable and show the element when the value of the variable is true and set the inner HTML to processing for example
and from the form dynamic even set the value to true on the start event and change it to false in the success.event
And set the inner HTML to success. You can add a simple button to hide the element if you like too.
its not the “easy” way but the important thing is we have the required actions to do it and more.