Firebase Cloud or Mongo DB

Wappler supports JSON from local document…
Can I connect to Firebase or Mongo DB

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Great question! This is exactly what we have in the planning!

We are already investigating the fire base integrations as well firebase hosting as a new way to deploy apps.

So this will become available as a new project type that allows you to deploy to firebase hosting and connect to firebase databases.

It is still in prototyping stage so we hope to roll it out after the summer


That sounds ABSOLUTELY fantastic!!
Google hosting and if I may influence in any way I would suggest to focus on Cloud Firestore before Firestore Realtime Database.
Cloud Firestore is much better for relational data …

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Additional question, Can I start building my app now with local JSON as a source or will I have to redo everything from scratch when you release a firebase integration?

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Actually you can already use the State Manager as local data source! It supports store options like localStorage and sessionStorage

So load data once for example from your JSON data store and use the State Manager “set” action to save it in the local store and also later manipulate it when needed.

Not sure if we have all the docs for State Manager yet - but you can check the ones from DMXzone as the workflow is the same, check the videos and features at:

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