Finally free from the hold of Dreamweaver

After using DW since pre-release of the very first version, today I can finally say that I have no more projects that I need to edit in DW. All have either been discontinued or redone in Wappler.

I can say that I am officially all-in with Wappler now.

I feel good.


When can we attend your Inauguration to the Church of Wapplertology and welcome you in the name of @George, @patrick and @Teodor. :partying_face:


He still has the academy exam to ace yet :grinning:

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I have been so busy with everything else, I have not even tried the exam yet, i’m gonna try it out, if i fail, don’t tell everyone, hahahahaha.

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I suck, i’m a Wappler Newbie, 8 of 25, don’t trust them @brad, that test is hard, it’s difficult enough just to understand the question regardless of the answer, hahaha, but it was fun. @Hyperbytes, thanks for making such a mean mean test.

Every question is based on a current post on the forum, all the answers are there :grinning:

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I know, i’m sure if i had tested and checked before answering I would have done ok, but that would have felt like cheating, so just using memory without Wappler even open, I figured I would see how i do. Lol, clearly I don’t really take note of what i’m doing, so I would class myself as a Wappler “Driver”, where just like driving I don’t really think about it as such, i just kind of do it.

By the way Brian, I love the way you have created the test, very clever, with links to all the relevant stuff to show you what you got wrong, really nice, great job.

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Great idea! I think the sign up form might be broken though…
Edit: It worked after a few attempts!