Filter Paged Query with buttons on the page

I have the results of a query displayed on a page. I have created a text input filter that works fine. I want to add buttons that filter data on the page when clicked. I have followed the steps below but when the button is clicked, nothing happens. Seems my confusion is with step 2. Hoping for a list of steps that I can follow to make this work

  1. Create a variable in App Connect … let’s call it var_filterButtons
  2. Pick the variable value as a value for the parameter you use to filter the database query in the server connect component on the page.
  3. Select your button, add a new dynamic event > click > Variable > Set Value … and enter your value.

This is just assigning the App Connect variable to the GET variables you define in the Server Action, to assign them simply click the server connect returning the query and under input params select the variable for the correct GET param:

Any get params you define in the action will show here, then in the action you can use the get params in the query to filter etc

GET Filter in Server Action

Assigned App-Connect variable to the GET variable you define in the Server Action

On click event to Set Variable Value to 1. which is expected to filter the query. but nothing happens

What do you have in the conditions tab of the query?

How is this button supposed to behave for example with the current setup if you type the letter a into the input you have, this will then always show any record where the phone number, ssnit or surname contains the letter a. Which in return means clicking the button might not show the records you was expecting just checking as this maybe the cause of the issue unless this is the behaviour you want depends on how this button will act with the input?

Thanks a milllion. Your comment made me evaluate the condition. Sorted