Filter multiple Columns via OR?

Do I need to add a GROUP if I want to have a Filter over multiple columns? Like a Fulltextsearch?

I know how to write it in SQL, but not sure how to click it … I tried to use GROUP’s but thats not getting into any good results…

you can do and/or via the UI. basic and/or in the main column (top left) or by adding groups (top right) so you can have where (field1= 1 AND field2 contains “x”) OR (field2 contains “d” OR field3=6) etc

Now i am in front of wappler i see your problem @Freddy_Blockchain

I can set conditions within the groups to AND/OR but cannot set the condition outside groups.
So (ConditionA AND ConditionB) can be done
So (ConditionA OR ConditionB) can be done
As can (ConditionA AND ConditionB) AND (ConditionC OR ConditionD) (AND is default condition)


(ConditionA AND ConditionB) OR (ConditionC AND ConditionD) cannot

I am sure i have done this in the past so maybe a problem crept in when UI was redesigned?

@Freddy_Blockchain @Hyperbytes

The first thing you need to do is add a group and delete the default condition. You can then add as many groupings as you wish. A bit of a wappler quirk.

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@smwebmedia okay so i just put 1, 2 etc there…? @Hyperbytes yes exactly you see now where I face my issues. I‘lll try the solution from psweb and come back! I guess its possible…

In general I need what you‘ve said @Hyperbytes

(ConditionA AND ConditionB) OR (ConditionC AND ConditionD) cannot

I mean in SQL it is… but lets see! Thanx so much


First add the group, then build your conditions from there, depends on what you need… I put 1,2,3 as an example in the first screenshot


In your screen you have one time blue OR, then two times AND.
My two AND are not blue or enabled. It looks kinda strange…

They need to be groups with at least 2 items in each group, to be able to set condition, Freddy.
Just make sure to recreate what’s on the screenshot.

@Teodor thanx that was it. AND / OR only appears when you have at least TWO. I mean. Makes that sense or not? Haha of course it does. :slight_smile:

Thanx it works like a champ!!!


Some Question by side: As I understand I can make “global Server Connections, or queries” and then query that directly or use and display in my Webproject via {{ etc }} or I could use a “Layover” and add a Dataview over my lets call it “Global Server Connection” to apply a Filter or individialize it?


Wrong way:

  • masterpage.php (ServerConnectMasterpageQuery)
  • detailpage.php (ServerConnectDetailpageQuery)

Proper way:

  • masterpage.php (Add DetailViewQuery with evtl. Filter etc, Source is ServerConnectGlobalQuery)
  • detailpage.php (Add DetailViewQuery with evtl. Filter etc, Source is ServerConnectGlobalQuery)

I don’t think there is right or wrong way of doing this, as every project is different.
If you can reuse some server action across your pages - then go ahead and reuse them :slight_smile:
If that’s not possible, create different ones for different pages.

Oh no Teodor, I wanted a BLACK or WHITE answer not the GREY one :smiley: hehe

No right answer here, Freddy :slight_smile:
Do it as it suits best your workflow and project.

Merry Christmas!