Filter Date Picker today

On a PHP page where the records taken from a database table are listed, I inserted a Picker dated calendar as a filter to view only the records of the chosen date.
This works correctly without problems; But I would like the record of the current date to the opening of the page
If I manually enter a date in Static Value, the default filter page all records of that date.
But I can’t use a current date (TODAY / NOW, …)
Has anyone found this need?

Add a date and time variable on the page, set it to interval: days

Add a dynamic attribute > value to the date picker and select the date and time var value:

this way the date picker’s initial value will be today’s date.


Perfect thanks Teodor
I take advantage of it to ask you if using a variable I can improve further by making sure that as part of the session every time you return to the page appears selected the last selected date.