"Filter Data with Text Input" and "Dynamic Paging" Issue

When I “Filter Data with Text Input” and include “Dynamic Paging” and the paging happens to include more than one page, if I select pages other than the first page (e.g., page 3) when doing a specific search (for example, “motorcycles”) and then do an unrelated search (for example, “automobiles”), nothing appears on the results for “automobiles.”

Please advice.

Are you storing the current page state into the URL?

I re-entered the info and it worked.
I don’t know if I made a mistake because I have 3 different pages pulling different tables and I am using “offset1”, “offset2”, and “offset3” ( which I have not completed yet).
For the search linked to “offset2” unless I hit “enter” the data is not shown on the page.

@jcr is the issue solved or not as you are saying it worked and the you say it doesn’t work for “offset2” (whatever that is)?

It is not working to how I thought it was supposed to work but perhaps that’s how Wappler works.

Steps Example:

  1. I enter a search term in the search text field I created to filter data with text input and the result is correct and I see the data appearing on the screen as I am typing (e.g., “motorcycle”). But because there are more than 150 references to “motorcycle,” the bootstrap paging generator shows several navigation numbers ("‹‹ ‹ 1 2 3 › ››"). So I click on let’s say “3” and the search responds correctly, as intended.

  2. Now I do a search for something different in the search text field I created, let’s say, “automobiles” (remember, I am on page 3 of the bootstrap paging generator). It is at this point that the data stops appearing on the screen as I am typing (e.g., “automobiles”) and all I see is the navigation numbers in the bootstrap paging generator (e.g., “‹‹ ‹ 1 2 › ››”) and a blank web page. Then, when I click on the navigation number(s) in the bootstrap paging generator, the data suddenly appears on the screen. This is problematic because someone doing a search might infer that there is zero data for the term they may searching.

Ok I see - that's why I asked a couple of posts back:

The fact that the bootstrap paging generator correctly links the new search to the related database content seem to indicate that filtering data with text input is working correctly, but for some reason the data is not showing on the page unless the bootstrap paging generator number is clicked.

The issue is most probably caused by the fact there are no so many results for the new search term, so that nothing is displayed on that page - it is just empty.
You can just use dynamic event on the search field and onchange just remove the URL parameter storing the current page. This will reset the paging to page 1, where you will see the results.

Actually, the results are more than 50 in many of the cases and still no data showing unless I click on the bootstrap paging generator.

I am not sure i am following you. I need a link to your page, where i can inspect this in my browser.

I will upload the local files to the web server later today, then I will send you the link to the page (I am working currently with localhost).


This topic may be relevant. I think this is the issue Teodor is referring to.

Thanks for the link.
I was planning to upload yesterday the localhost file to the web server so that Teodor can take a look at it, but I will wait a day or two.

I know exactly the issue you are having. I have run across it as well. I will see if I can recreate it and post a link as well.