Fill form of other website by autogenerated url

Hi guys…its not a real wappler question, but important for my project.

What i plan to do:
Lets say there is site, a foreign site, and there is my site has a contact form, lets say its and there are some fields. I would like to automatically open the site/form by clicking a button at and fill some fields, like name, by clicking a button at my site so users dont have to fill out every single field.

Is this possible? If yes…how?

Thank you very much guys!

Yes this is usually possible by using URL parameters.

So if the form at has a field with the name ‘email’, you can use the browser function in Wappler to go to


P.S - Just be aware that this isn’t classed a secure way of sending sensitive data.

Thank you. That was the way i tried… Is there a way that the website could prevent such behaviour?
im my special case my parameters were ignored completely…

Are you able to share the actual page of

i tried name and id

Sites often add additional security to contact forms to stop exactly what you describe. Basically “injecting” data into a contact form is typically a spammer trick people try to stop hence it gets blocked.

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The other site ( would need to have their form set up to fill in the fields using the GET variables which I doubt they would have in place because of what @Hyperbytes said. The only other way I’ve found for auto-filling in forms is a browser plugin where it detects a form and puts in things like name, email address, etc. into the fields it thinks are relevant.

Thank you for your information :slight_smile:

I will stop trying it and find an other way to get the job done.

Anyway: great Teamwork, thanks :wink: