File upload type error on Iphone

I am trying to do an image upload and works fine on a computer, but when I try it from a tablet or phone, it tells me the format is not allowed.

On the Input file upload, I have selected validations rules to:

  • Require
  • I have tried accept=“image/*;capture=camera” and also accept=".jpg,.png,.gif,.jpeg" I also tried capitalizing them.

Trying to use it on Tablets and phone it even shows me the picture preview, but won’t accept the file:

Hello @lsadesl ,
where is your uploaded folder ? …
please check your uploaded folder

The upload folder is fine, it is a validation issue on devices, I can upload from a computer not form a tablet.

I removed the validation I still not able to upload from my phone or tablet, upload works still fine from a computer, this seems like a bug unless i am doing something wrong @Teodor?

What do you mean? Are there any error messages? Can you provide a link to your page?

It says, Please select a file with a valid file type.

Same link in the private.

That message is probably from the server-side validation, remove the validation there also.

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