File tabs in Wappler give no Visual Clue to open file in Editor

This is a simple issue but I lose minutes in every session
because when I have multiple files open – php, html, & action & connection files to see what has been built
I am immediately lost when I switch from one file to the other in the Master File view or Server Connection view –
Unlike my web browser where the tab of my open page is highlighted
Wappler’s open file tabs have no visual clue as to what is the currently Open file vs simply open with other files.

The file In my Editor visible at the moment doesn’t even inform me as to the Name of that file – before a title is applied or when the title gives no clue as the actual filename.

Right now I have to click, click, click through the File tabs to track down the file I want to go back to or switch to.

Display Style options don’t seem to make any difference either.

Is the Internet Browser page tab highlight visual clue something I can achieve in Wappler?

Thank you!


We do have tooltips informing you about the full file path, don’t you have those?


What I’m referring to is when multiple files are open.

More files than the Tab Navigation can show at one time.

On my MacPro 17" laptop – When Wappler is displayed on my screen corner to corner at normal 100% view

I can only see 6 tabs of files open.

If I happen to have 9 files open for reasons, for instance, of checking flow of a web application from login to logout –

The other tabs are not displayed – and as far as I can tell I can’t simply as in Browsers & some other tools I’ve worked with — simply reveal the other tabs by a horizontal scroll action in Wappler.

I am locked into that view until I switch back to the File view and scroll down until I find the file I have currently open – and then reopen the Actions view.

So I looked for a way to use the mouse to reveal the file name immediately , left click, right click but it does not tell me about this document.

So the inconvenience is STILL NOT seeing the documents I specifically left open in a tab for development or changes.

I have even Deleted Tabs that I wanted open, just to see what Tabs will come into view.

So, it would be great to have 2 features:

  1. Typical browser horizontal scroll to reveal all open tabs
  2. Hover over Editor document or with right click see the same document information that is revealed in the Tab itself.

I hope this is clear enough, George.

Thank you for your interest.

Oh I see - we will check it out

I haven’t come across this issue (I can see 20 file tabs on my monitor) but I can see this could be a problem and some features like you suggest could be useful.

Something which might help a little is using the Recent Files list. It shows the last 10 files opened. This list is the only reason I use the Main Menu. It can be accessed using F10.

A list like this, showing all open files, which could appear with a shortcut key, would be very useful (I would prefer it to scrolling tabs).

If you have a 32" 6K Apple Pro Display XDR I imagine you could see Wappler Editor file tabs on your neighbor’s computer, too. :roll_eyes:

The Display — 15" or 17" makes all the difference in the world.

As I said my LAPTOP is my Wappler machine.

But it looks like this issue is on the “to do” list & I am grateful.