File Manager Suggestion

The one and only feature I miss from my previous development software is the ability to add a filter into the file manager and only those files are returned. Example

Filter: date

No Filter

When I have a large file structure and know any part of the filename this will show in any folder and return all files whose filenames contain my filter.

What you think @George, easy enough to add such a thing.

Or should I rather be begging @patrick haha

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I just realised that the page of code in that screenshot shows some real world code I use on one of my live sites including the commenting I add to tell some of my dumber staff members what was intended, haha, don’t judge my strange coding style @wappler_ambassadors

Although if anyone would like to take a crack at telling me how to achieve the same results in Wappler I would be very interested.

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Such ideas you should put directly into the Features request, @psweb .

No need to discuss them privately here. let everybody know about it so people can vote

Thanks @George I have changed the category. Better idea.

That would be a great feature! Even though you organize your folders, etc., the best you can, you can still get lost in the larger projects.

Great suggestion @psweb!

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