File Manager Move Feature

I often need to move a file into or out of a folder. It would be nice if you could add a 'Move" feature to the File Manager - either in the right-click menu or simply allow a file or folder to be moved.

Certainly not urgent but it would be handy.

You can drag them to different locations now. How would you like it to be different?

Really? Using the File Manager? I must be missing something since I cannot drag/move a file into a folder nor drag one out of a folder (using a Macbook w/OSX 10.13.5). Is there a key I should be holding down while I try to do this?

Hmmm, that’s strange. Seems it no longer works. I could swear we were able to move files before.

you could open in explorer and move them as you like too :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I could… but being really lazy by nature, it would be wonderful to be able to merely expand the File Manager and drag a local file over to the remote side to upload it or drag a file into or out of a folder on either side. I don’t believe any other web application offers such simplicity or power (sorta like FileZilla does).

Why not just select the file and click on upload? Even easier than dragging?

You’re right of course but I haven’t gotten my local/remote connections correctly configured yet. I scramble my files the way things are but am getting closer to getting a better handle on how Wappler handles this. So in time, I should stop grousing about this topic. :worried:

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You can drag them but links don’t change so if you drag to a lower or higher folder in the folder tree the links have to be adjusted

Are there plans to have links updated automatically in Wappler when files are moved to different folders, I found out the hard way. Would be a nice feature when reorganizing a site.

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Hi @Norm,
yes if there are enough requests for this we will consider adding such a feature.
Could you explain in what situations and how often is such an option required (just out of curiosity)?

When i build websites i usually have the same structure always and the “template” files are really on the same locations every time. I have never used (or needed to use) an auto update links option (nor i want something to auto update site-wide links automatically irreversibly).

I am still in the early stages of web design and have not yet established a set structure, as I am sure a lot of newbies are in the same spot. I find that I am experimenting with getting a solid structure that works best for me.


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Thanks for the reply, i was just curious how many people/how often/in what situations need to drag files in the file tree and then links to these files to be auto-updated sitewide.

For me ..... almost never.


Very rare, mostly if i was to accidentally create a page in the wrong location/


I would LOOOOVE the links to update automatically when folders are moved or a folder name is changed.

Sometimes (like now) I have to update a hundred links manually because the client:

  • wants a new category/subfolder
  • wants to move scores of products into an existing category/folder
  • wants a folder name changed (for SEO or other reasons)

To do this, I may have to update the php include links, breadcrumb links, carousel image links and various other links then, after making the changes, I have to check every single link works. It’s a total time waster.

Microsoft’s Expression Web changed everything automatically and it was beautiful. It also showed if there were broken links (with a little broken link icon next to the file name). That was about 15 years ago.

For things like:

Why not use URL rewrite using the routing panel? You don't need to make adjustments to the physical folders in order to do such tasks...

Thanks for the reply, Teodor. I haven’t used URL rewrite before; I thought it was for creating semantic URL’s or redirecting 301 type links which I haven’t needed as yet?

I’ll check it out but, to be frank, I’m not interested in making superficial URL changes while leaving the underlying structure the same. That would be confusing and a nightmare for me to administer (and worse if the client wants to take it over). The bottom line for me is: the files and folders I have on my local machine has to reflect what’s on the server and the URL.

For me, automatically updating links when folders/files have changed is such a basic feature, I don’t understand why it’s hasn’t been incorporated into Wappler ages ago. That and a way to see all the broken links on a site (maybe I’m missing something?)

Wappler’s raison d’etre is to make web development simpler, easier more automated and yet I’m spending the best part of a day updating and checking links after moving categories around. Arghhhhhh!!!

Don’t mean to be rude - just honest feedback (including the scream).

It's not as basic to implement as it may sound :slight_smile:
Such a feature is planned so it will be integrated in the future.

What i am saying is that for the reasons you listed above you can have ...

Folder structure


and no need to change the folders to


as it would be even harder to manage folder with such long and hard to read names just to add a new category in the url or for SEO reasons ... that;s why you have routing available.



by just using the routing without moving files or renaming folders... your folder names do not have to be the same as the url shown in the browser. Really really easy to setup: Wappler Documentation - URL Rewriting with Wappler

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Thanks Teodor. The URL re-write is great for database URL’s and such, but it’s not a solution I want to use when I change folder names or move files around. It can get too confusing having the URL say one thing and the file structure say something else – especially if another person takes over.

Anyway, I sped up manual re-linking by using find/replace so that helped and am happy you guys are at least thinking about auto linking. Cheers.