File Manager does not show new files

Wappler Version : 2.1.3
Operating System : Windows

Expected behavior

After executing an npm command, expect to see the added files and folders to appear in the Files Manger panel.

Actual behavior

The added folder does not appear in the File Manager panel.

How to Reproduce

In the Terminal window, execute
npm install square-connect --save


None. Even tried restarting

There are some folders we are ignoring on purpose.

Like hidden folders and probably node_modules folder as those change often and not relevant to Wappler

Maybe @patrick can explain more.

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It is the node_modules folder and I am happy with the explanation.

The node_modules is indeed ignored at this moment, I noticed that watching too many files slows down Wappler and to prevent this we ignore a few folders that contain a lot of files and are not directly needed for Wappler. We have a refresh button that should reload the file tree when needed, we will look if we can improve the performance of the file-system watches so that we can include all files.

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In case it’s related:
I’ve mentioned before problems displaying folders containing a large number of files; either it’s a matter of waiting a long time or sometimes force-quitting Wappler seems necessary. I suggested displaying a warning about opening such folders would be helpful.

Obviously these are folders which don’t have any ignore settings - eg a folder containing several thousand jpeg files - and which I might choose not to open if a warning appeared.

The slow loading isn’t directly related. Is the loading of large folder still an issue with the new file manager? We should probably limit the number of files being displayed in the folder tree, I don’t think it likes it when there are thousands of files.

Actually, the display of folders with many files is much better now. After I last mentioned it, some fix was applied, but the issue still caused Wappler to slow down or crash, so I’ve avoided it since then.

I’ve just tried again now. With a folder of 2000 files, it only takes a few seconds to display the file. With a folder of 9000 files, it took about 15 seconds, which is fine. I don’t often need to display folders with this many images.