File / Folder statistics

Wappler Version: 2.1.5
Operating System: Windows 10

Expected behavior

The size of the folder should have been returned

Actual behavior

Error 500: failed to opendir, no such file or directory when having folder size attribute different than “do not calculate”

How to reproduce

  • Create a Server Connect
  • add a file management -> File / Folder statistics
  • indicate the path of an existing folder: /folder/
  • Folder size: all files and subfolders
  • Call the server connect on the front end
  • Check the error code

Is this with PHP, ASP or ASP.NET?


this is now fixed in Wappler 2.1.6

It is not working for me still.
There is no more an error but the size value returned is 0, it does not calculate the size of all files and subfolders

Try saving a server action first so that all files get updated.

Yes, I have done that, the command works when you have files within the folder but it still does not work with a folder structure like in the below:


with only files in subfolder5 and subfolder6

There was indeed still a problem with the recursion, it only worked 1 folder deep. Here the fix, it will also be included in the next Wappler update. (1.7 KB)

Replace the file dmxConnectLib/modules/fs.php and upload it to your server.

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Thank you

this was fixed in Wappler 2.2.0