File doesn't save on first save

It should be enough to save one time.

I need to save 2 times else page changes will not be recognized.

Add or remove an element on a page and save. Then try to preview, the page will be recognized as not saved.

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Is this only happening when using the menu? What if you use Ctrl+S / Cmd+S shortcut keys?

Same problem when using CTRL-S, only used menu for video.

Seems only to happen when adding element not when removing.

@patrick will check this.

I’m already aware of this bug and know the cause of it. We have an option Format document on save that is enabled by default. With the new monaco editor update the behavior of the formatDocument did change and is being triggered delayed. This means that on save when a document was not formatted it will do this a little moment after the save, that is making the document dirty again. I’m trying to find a solution for this, if you don’t matter the formatting then you can turn that option off in the options, then the save will work correctly again.

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Soved in Wappler 3.4.1

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