File dates in the file Manager

I really really need file dates in the file manager. I have a huge site that I work on and now there is a second person that does some work on it also. The other person only does some secondary static page designs, but having some sync issues. So having issues making sure I have the most current files sometimes. Having the dates on the files especially on the target server would be a great addition.

Please vote my wappler peeps!

This would certainly be very useful. It’s been mentioned a few times in the past. Long ago, there was a date column in Wappler’s file manager. Unfortunately it disappeared after a file manager update.

Yeah I was kind of thinking there was one there before too? But would be great to bring it back. I bet @patrick could do it with one hand tied behind his back! And if there is another feature request we can add to that. I didn’t actually search to see if there were other requests.

I suggested/requested:

having other columns, in addition to filenames - most importantly, the Modified date,

… but this was in Oct’17, when Wappler was in beta. Then I think the feature was added, before being later removed. Although it’s been mentioned a few times since, I don’t think it’s ever been the subject of a feature request.

If there is another feature request in the forum Jedi @teodor will be on it!


Well we initially had file dates listed but discovered that retrieving all those file dates slows down the whole tree 5x!

So as they are rarely used we remove them back then.

Maybe we can do something in between like show them as tooltip on demand only. So that we don’t have to retrieve them all.

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or even turn the feature on or off? that would work too. I just need to see if the files have changed since I worked on them last.

or just have them on, on the remote, so it would only fetch data if you were looking at the remote not the local?

This would be useful. However, one thing that’s particularly useful about including the dates is sorting by date, and I imagine this won’t be an option. I don’t use the Pages tab, but I notice it has sort options - including by date. I don’t think this is implemented yet, but if sorting by date doesn’t slow things down in the same way that retrieving and displaying the dates does, then this would be a useful alternative (IMO).