Field inserting <p><br></p> into empty field when using Medium Editor

If i have a field in a form set to use medium editor it inserts


into the database when the field is empty. How do I format the data so that if there isnt any data there not to add anything, or how to format it so that is saves empty when it perceives


as the input?

I leave it be. When there is no content, the output will be blank.

no it leaves text in the field. If want to show a field on whether it has data in it or not, it won’t work because what would be blank under a normal text field, the medium editor puts extra code in there.

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In one of my projects i used

dmx-show="productlangeomschrijving.wordCount().inRange(5, 1000)"

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Try it with the stripTags formatter to remove the html and the trim for any white-spaces. If the string is them empty do not put anything in the database otherwise insert the html.

{{ $_GET.input.stripTags().trim() != "" ? $_GET.input : "" }}

Ben, that seemed to do the trick! Thanks you!!!

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