Field Caption should not be changed into lower case in Table Column Header

I have the following fields name in my database:

  • Nomor_Trip
  • Nomor_SPJ
  • Nomor_DSK

and in the table column header, it become:

  • Nomor trip
  • Nomor spj
  • Nomor dsk

I don’t want and don’t like Wappler change it to lower case. So, it should be like this:

  • Nomor Trip
  • Nomor SPJ
  • Nomor DSK

In other words, Wappler should not change the words after underscore character to be lowercase. Right now, I have to change it back to the original words as I want.

Can you change this behavior in the next update? I have many fields that have the field name similar to that, and I don’t want to change it back to the original words, since this will take more time to change all of the fields.

Alternatively, you should provide the options setting in project side, whether to let the field name as it is, or change to lowercase as you are implementing in current version.

While you can use uppercase letters in your database table names it’s not really a great idea.
Better stick to the simple rule for the naming convention: only use lowercase letters, numbers and underscores.

You are wrong. There is no absolutely naming convention for field name. Not all field name should be in lower case. There are some developers are still using the upper case in first character of each word. In addition, some field name must use upper case for some characters, for example Nomor_DSK (DSK is abbreviation of three words, and it must be stated as it is).

I have been using some code generator such as PHPMaker and SQL Maestro PHP Code Generator. They full respect to the field name that defined by Developers. I have been implementing the field name just like I mentioned above.

If they respect Developers who gave the field name as they want, why don’t Wappler respect?

I reconsider not to use (and will not buy Pro License) Wappler if this situation cannot be handled.

I did not say that. If there are enough votes for your request this will be implemented in Wappler.

I’m just giving you some advice which can be useful in the future.

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I know you didn’t say about “you do not respect Developers who have given the field name as they want”. I just said “Wappler did not respect, not you”.

Sorry, I don’t need your advice at the moment. Just let Developers do what they want, since they must have the reason why they do like that. You should not interfere their own rules.

FYI, some code generator that I have been using unitl now, have the abillity to produce the code very fast, because of they have the rule to only change the underscore (_) character become space for the field captions. In addition, they fully respect the field name that already defined by Developers.

So, we as Developers do not need to change the field captions back from lowercase to our desired field caption. We will see the output in the table header and also the label in Add, Edit, View, Search form/pages just like we want.

Believe me, this is one of my considerations whether I will buy Wappler Pro License, besides my another two topics that I sent to Feature Request (one of them has been moved to another category, lol).

Do you remember, why I posted two feature requests a few days ago regarding sequence number in Bootstrap 4 Table Generator and number of records options in Bootstrap 4 Paging Generator? The answer is because I compare your product to code generator that I have been using (PHPMaker and SQL Maestro PHP Code Generator).

They provided those options, and I did not see this options in your product. That’s why I posted feature request about it.

If you cannot promise me all of this features will be included into Wappler, sorry… I have to decide I will not use and will not buy Wappler Pro License.

Teodor is not wrong. If you read his reply carefully you will see he wasn’t saying there was any naming convention, nor that you have to follow one. He was just giving advice (and Teodor gives a great deal of very good advice).

I believe it’s a mistake to name your fields according to how they will appear to the user - eg on a website front-end. Sometimes they will coincide but typically not. Using some good conventions, they will never coincide. Eg prefixing field names, eg usr_id, usr_name etc.

I think naming conventions is one of the most important aspects of good software development. Naming databases, tables, columns etc according to front-end display is, in my opinion, misguided - but you are free to use whatever approach you like (and perhaps learn from your mistakes, as we all do).

I know and realize you said this, because you have not been working with many project with dozens/hundreds tables, hundreds fields, and you have to finish those projects in a short time.

Sorry for providing it then :slight_smile:

I know everyone has his own requests which are really important to him/her. If there are enough votes the features you requested will be added, but I can’t provide any specific time frame for this.
If the workarounds other people provided for these are not enough, then Wappler is not really suitable for you then.

Actually I have worked on projects with several thousands fields. But of course you have no idea what I have or have not been working on (and it’s completely irrelevant). However, with such important projects as you work on (I assume), it’s all the more important to adopt sensible naming conventions. Finishing them quickly by cutting corners is unwise, and something you will inevitably regret.

I think so.

Yep, the same thing that I want to say to you, too.

Isn’t that a bit harsh? Even more if there are workarounds and you can format whatever comes from the database to suit your needs in the frontend.

It is quite a minor issue and to decide whether or not to use a product based just on that seems ludicrous. But hey! if table headers formatting is a key component of your business I understand why you wouldn’t opt for Wappler. Whatever floats your boat.

You can change to field captions to whatever you want in Wappler.

It is an visual editor - of all the html code, so you can change it to whatever you want.

The table/form generator you are using for the initial generation is just to give you a head start.
You can change everything afterwards.

It should not be changed manually, even you already provided the visual editor for that.

The main point from this topic is, Wappler should not change the letter after underscore to be lowercase.