Favicon - in Wappler

Are Favicons somehow organically support in Wappler - not a big deal but I did a search and it did not turn anything up so just wondering how most folks are handling them when working within Wappler.

I have not found a Wappler method to add Favicons to our document.

How far does Wappler have to go. When I look at what I do in order to get all of the required favicon formats, this is what I finish up with


Then there is the meta description as the bare minimum of meta tags that needs to be added, not to forget Open Graph and Twitter Cards.

Wish list?

Edit: If you wish to add only the icon for the browser tabs, there is no need for any code, just add the favicon.ico file to the root directory


Thanks ben - are you converting your images to favicons with SW on your computer or are you using one of the online services? Iā€™m on a Mac so not sure what is the best way to approach the conversion - I have never messed with that format before?

This is a good online service https://realfavicongenerator.net/


Thanks ben, I got them all working on my site!!!