Failed to load "js/bootstrap.min.js"


I am building a simple static web page and everything work great on my PC (Local).

But when transferred to my personal web server (ftp) there’s no layout/css design or images showing, only the plain text.

I verified the Project settings and all look fine.

The dev console say: Failed to load for element whose source is “”.

This is the first time I have such issue and i don’t understand why since the /bootstrap.min.js is there and that it work just fine on my PC (both in design view and in explorer.

The web page is here in a subfolder:

Any idea what might cause this?

Note: I used Wappler 3.9.7 and updated to 3.9.9 before transfer to web server.

Thank you for your help!

Is this the correct page on a mobile atm

Hi, this is my main website ( and I use a sub folder to show static web sites,
In this case the sub folder is "michee (
I always use this method for static web sites without problems except for this time.

try switching links relative to site root

I already tried that without luck.
Thank you!

Did this fix it as shows your app connect but your site is looking for which shows a 404 error, did you full publish?

Not 100% sure, but this could be the issue:

When setting the target, if the root folder is set to something, you will have to re-save the page for it to set paths to various files.
So, everytime you change the target, and both have different target settings, you will have to re-save all pages to pick up correct paths.

Hi Sid! I always use "Relative to document " in the project settings without problem so I switched it back to document.
And yes I did saved the page (this is a one page site) before transfer.
One thing I remember is when I first started the page I renamed it from index.php to index.html and I am wondering if this could cause a problem…

Indeed something is wrong there…Well tomorrow I will transfer the page to it’s the final destination and probably will not have this is issue anymore as it look like some path issue relative to the subfolder as you mentioned.

I will update my post after it’s done.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Do you have 2 index pages? I’d assume just is a index but then maybe also has one maybe the naming of 2 indexs confuses wappler never had 2 so not sure

Well since the page causing problem is in a sub folder and not at the rot of jc-weboptions,com it should not (and never before) cause problem…

Yeah I don’t think it should be a issue it to me seems link root/document related but that was the only other idea I had sure the team can be of more help :slight_smile:

I really do appreciate that you try to help me, I will keep you informed after I transfer the page to official host (without sub folder).

Have a nice day :smile: