Facebook Mentorship Groups

Came across this and wondered if there would be place for such a project within the Wappler Community.

Thoughts please?

I haven’t been on FB for almost two years. Back then I ran a couple groups. Unless they were closed groups they were more hassle than they were worth in my opinion.

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Yes, i totally agree with you on that one, just the mentoring idea caught my eye, could be done in so many different ways i guess without getting involved in Facebook but it is a popular platform

I’ve been involved in few Facebook groups and although initially it looked all fine and useful, quickly all messages and useful info gets lots in the chatter… not easy to find anything afterwards so all knowledge and tips gets lost.

Just as with any chat program.

Tried also the mentor program but it was too much one on one and takes too much time without any result.

Btw Facebook blocked our medium blog because I posted links to it in the Facebook groups and Facebook market me as a spammer.

It is impossible to remove the blockage now. Nobody cares- just another showcase of Facebook power and involvement (not)

So I hate them.

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All valid points George, that actually explains why when i shared a wappler medium post to my friends it was blocked. I shared one of your newsletters where I got a mention and it got blocked.

Guess we can just forget that then and stick to just being a great community and FB can kiss my ****


Well you can also send a complain to Facebook to unblock our medium blog as being legit, maybe the more people complain they might finally do something…

I did but it has been showing as “In Review” for almost two weeks now so not expecting any success on that one

Yes same here - seems like a very long review process :slight_smile:

Point me in the right direction and I’ll complain as well.

Just share any of the wappler blogs on medium.com and it will probably be blocked then head off to the Facebook help pages -> Support messages where you will find details. Then complain!!!

Ironically they don’t block the newsletters, they can be shared.

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