External stylesheet doesn't change layout

I’m not 100% sure but I think this bug exists since the 1.5 update.
I have an external sheet with a media query which I created in version 1.4. Since the update, changes in the style sheet aren’t being applied to the design. Only if I uncheck all single css properties and recheck them in the styles tab, the changes are being applied. If I refresh the page, the changes are reset.
The funny thing is, all css properties I set before the update are sticking and working.

When I open the page in the browser, the changes in the style sheet change instantly. So it has something to do with the rendering in the wappler preview section.

Works like a charm now with the 1.5.1 update! As I read in the What's new, it wasn't really a bug but a missing feature:

Thank you guys!

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