External style sheet. style applied in internal browser but not applied with external browser

Hi all,

I’m in trouble with usign an external style sheet. Here is a very simple page example:

Paragraph is custom styled with a “my-title” class simply giving a backcolor:

Everything is ok until a preview it in chrome where style definition has desapeared:

what’s wrong ?


Have you uploaded your custom CSS to your server?

Yes, currently i’m working locally

So, have you tried clearing the browser cache? Or inspecting the CSS file, if the changes are saved there?

Many thank’s @Teodor, you were rigth, it was a browser cache issue.
I had to clear chrome cache.
As far as i will have a lot of testing to do with CSS, how can i get rid of this cache issue ?

The easiest way is to use hard reload (Ctrl+F5) so that the page and its contents will not be cached :slight_smile:

Top !