Exposing mysql database as API

Came across the following service on 1 of the indie hackers email updates. It offers a variety of services for your data, including exposing a mysql db as rest API.


Are there any similar services out there doing the same that any of the members have used or tried out?

I am considering this for basic mobile app development.

AppGyver looks promising. Haven’t tried it just yet but will give it a whirl when things quieten down a bit

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I don’t understand why you don’t use the Wappler API itself?


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Hey Marcel-

This is Steve at Phiona. Glad to hear you’re considering us for exposing your MySQL database through REST API! Happy to walk you through the tool by video chat if you’d like to see if it meets your specific use case.

Appreciate the mention!

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Hi Marcel,
Why not use what Wappler offers you?

Why would you need to use a separate service for this?

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Because I really have not thought of it in this way. Cannot believe it is so obvious. Have a param or 2 for your authentication and then others for the values you pass to the db. Makes total sense. Thanks @alsdigital and @Teodor. Although AppGyver looks incredible just to try out as well. Thanks @max_gb.