Exclude a local folder from publishing

Is there a way to exclude a local folder from publishing?

There is an options to set an exclude pattern for ftp in the options. Just at your folder to the pattern.

Can’t find this pattern :cold_sweat:


It is in the options:

ok thank you for quick answer

In addition to this item:
Is there an option to synchronise while publishing so that deleted local items are also removed in the remote files ?

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What is the pattern to exclude a whole folder ?

Thx !

Just enter the folder name: my_folder

shame on me :slight_smile:

Morning @Teodor, will this work OK for folders with spaces in their names or do we have to escape them in some way?

_notes, *.psd, *__*, *.ai, OLD files, PDF - AD Template - General_filtered_files, PDF - AD Template - General_filtered_html_files
... so folders like these ...
'OLD files'
'PDF - AD Template - General_filtered_files'
'PDF - AD Template - General_filtered_html_files'

Would it be too big a job to rename the folders so they don’t have spaces? That would be way better all round if you can.

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I know Jon, that would be the sensible option, and I would aim to rename or simply remove the folders eventually. I am being given several sites to work on and until I know what the folder and it’s contents are actually used for (testing that part locally) I don’t want to upload to a server.

Yep, fair enough. I keep using naming conventions and then wishing I’d done it slightly differently but the thought of changing it means they get left!

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