Event Calendar get date range, not working when linked to server connect


I am very thankful the Wappler team was able to get this feature into the application for those of us who use the calendar!

So I am using the new feature: Event Calendar How to get the date range

I’m displaying the active/current dates from the calendar below (dates are in the top left):

When I scroll the calendar around, the date values update as expected:

Since this calendar is populated dynamically I’d like to use the active or current calendar dates to limit my query to only show the user what she needs to see.

So I go into my Server Connect query action and add the variables, current start and current end in this example:

On the back in the logic looks like this:

After saving, the page loads and the active/current dates from the calendar text value appear as expected:

When I scroll to next week however, the active/current calendar dates do not update:

Notice the calendar is Feb. 28 to Mar. 6 but the active/current date values do not change. I believe this may be a bug, but may also be this user’s error.

If this does turn out to be a bug, please let me know and I will happily complete a bug report.

When troubleshooting this, it seems that changing dates does not trigger the App Connect Server Connection query to get the new records.

In this video:

You can see that things work in a monthly view records display as expected. However in the weekly view records do not appear. I’ve also confirmed that within the inspector, the monthly view triggers SC queries while the weekly view does not.

@nepatriot I’m experiencing the same issue. If I click the next and previous buttons to advance to the next month, the active and current start and end dates don’t change and thus it doesn’t trigger the app connect query to update the results. It’s either a bug or you and I are misunderstanding how it works.

I’m going to go on a limb and say it’s a bug in the interest of getting this fixed since making a backend query that returns all date data is wasteful at best and makes the app super slow for the end user at worse.

I’ll go ahead and create the bug today and would appreciate your comment on it the bug in the interest of getting it fixed.

I agree. I’ll look for the bug to comment on.