ETA for Node.js support

Hi all, just wondering when we could expect support for Node.js? I know it’s on the roadmap. I’m not sure how this will take form (Express, Koa etc.) but it is definitely a feature I’d love to see.

Any chance we could get a rough idea when this feature is planned?

Thanks in advance.

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We don’t have an ETA yet - have to finalize Docker and Database Creator first.
So it will take at least 2 months to get started on NodeJS support.

It will be completely based on Express and Sequelize btw and running nicely on Docker - maybe even in a Swarm :slight_smile:


Many thanks for confirming the library selection. I really look forward to this feature :slight_smile:

Nice pair.


Oh, the wait is killing me!


What is the main added value for using node.js? What can you do with it that you cannot right now?

I’m not familiar with nodejs:)

  1. Real time apps
  2. One language to rule them all. You use js for frontend, backend and database layer.
  3. NPM tooling
  4. Big adoption by community

I believe that once Wappler implements nodejs it will become the main language and asp and php will start to lag behind. There are certain components that the team would be able to build in node.js that can’t be easily replicated in classic php/asp. i.e. real-time and streaming components.


Well for starters I won’t have to use PHP or Apache. :grin:

Express.js makes things a little easier too, so for example with Express, you just write your server, define your routes, route handlers etc. It’s a much easier system to understand. Then you can expand it into MVC if you want to.

Also, it’s all JavaScript. So if you’re used to using JavaScript on the frontend, it’s nice to use the same language on the backend.

It’s also quite fast and can handle a lot of concurrent connections.

These are some of the main benefits for me.


Just to clarify the NodeJS support coming to Wappler. To avoid confusion.

The NodeJS support will be implemented as an extra server model for Server Connect.
So just as you now choose the Server Language ASP, PHP or ASP.NET you will be able to choose NodeJS.

And Server Connect actions and routes will work just as now - but they will execute in NodeJS+Express environment.

So visually there won’t be much changes in Wappler. You will use the Server Connect as you do now.
And define routes as you do in the Routing Manager.

Of course you can also write and run your own custom JS code in NodeJS, just as you do now with PHP - but that is all up to you. We like the visual workflow way of Server Connect Actions and we will be extending much more on that.


We are looking forward. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping it will enhance the building of Electron apps too.

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hello @George
are there any news about nodejs support ?
I’ll have to use it in a new project. Is there an estimated time?

No Serhat,
No exact timeframe yet. We have features with higher priority to take care of first.

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sad news for me

thanks @Teodor

I’m still eagerly awaiting this awesome feature :slight_smile:

Hello @niall_obrien
I don’t want to disappoint you, but 6 days ago i already expalined that:

This has not really changed in the past 6 days :slight_smile:

I guess we’ll wait a long time for this good news. :frowning:

@Teodor @George Happy New Year. Just wanted to see if this is any closer to being released. :slight_smile:

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I am afraid not yet :slight_smile:
We’ll let you know as soon as we have any news.

when will the news expected with excitement come :slight_smile: