Errors after 2.3.2 update with lib/app.asp

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Wappler Version : 2.3.2
Operating System : windows 10
using IIS and .asp

Expected behavior

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website stopped processing pages? I get an error of

{"type":"EvalError","fileName":"lib/app.asp","errorNumber":-2146827279,"message":"Expected '}'","stack":[]}

Actual behavior

Its not processing the pages for some reason and just showing the code.

I just changed the site over to https:// so that might be an issue not sure? But it all seemed to be working and then I started getting this, right after I updated to 2.3.2. Knowing my luck something got updated wrong. but its all across the site so its something global.

Here is a page you can look at. All the errors are referring lib/app.asp

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Test this file, replace the one at dmxConnectLib/lib/app.asp. (1.4 KB)

That seemed to do the trick @patrick