Error with partial in NodeJS

Hello @Teodor I’m getting the exact error 500 using Wappler 3.4

I´ve tried changing the partial location using “…/” but it didn´t work.

<%- await include('/partials/RightSidebar', Object.assign({}, locals) %>

no you shouldn’t change to …/ - just leave the absolute link to /partials as it is
your error is something else

Ok, it’s a wappler bug? Or something else?

Well as the error says an expression in UserDashboard.ejs is missing )

Userdashboard is the layout page, that works fine without the partial.

I have the same problem with partials in 3.4.

:frowning: we should get a refund everytime we found a bug

Hmm I see the include is missing a trailing )
Was it generated like this?

And does it work if you add it manually?

I can confirm that it is the missing trailing )

Adding it manually makes it work again.

It was generated automatically wrong.

What is a missing trailing? Where should I modify my code to make it work?

Well just add a ) at the end of the include code, so it becomes

<%- await include('/partials/RightSidebar', Object.assign({}, locals)) %>

Fixed in Wappler 3.4.1

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