Error when saving API Query to production server with 3.9.8

Please restart Wappler with logging, reproduce the problem and attach the debug log. See:

It seems like you are missing some global components.

Try restart or if the issue still persist, full reinstall from

I always edit on the Dev (local) machine, then save to production. (318.6 KB)

What do you mean by that? Can you explain this process a bit more detailed please?

Your report doesn’t include a debug log - have you restarted with logging first?

Otheriwse manually include the log files as stated in the article above

I restarted using this


I always work on my local desktop machine in front of me. When I am happy I change the Target to LIVE


and then with the single page open or API query highlighted, I then Ctrl-S or Save, which then saves to the Live Production Server.



Is it just on this target and just this action that you can’t save?

Or all server connect actions?

And what about regular pages?

Also could you locate the chrome_debug.log and add it here as well?

Does the slide out action area function somewhat like the new tabs in Wappler 4 beta 6? if so the issue might be related to this I posted Wappler 4 Beta 6 Targets Getting Stuck

It happens on all server connect actions.
And all regular pages.

Also, if I right-click the API to upload, nothing seems to happen…


chrome_debug (5.7 KB)

Reporting similar issue here: (4.0 KB) (195.9 KB)

and this when saving on the AC side:

The saving does seem to work though.

Just to confirm, it doesn’t work when an FTP target set as Development is selected?

Development yes. Target is remote / live.

Seems to FTP was broken due to some bad paths - we will issue a new update in a few minutes


Wappler Version : 3.9.8
Operating System : Mac OSX 20.4.0
Server Model: PHP
Database Type: MySQL
Hosting Type: Custom

I have a similar problem, after updating to wallpaper version 3.9.8.
When I try to upload any file to the remote server it gives me this error (see image).
There seems to be some problem when using the FTP server.

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Fixed now in the just released Wappler 3.9.9

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Oooh! Wappler 3.9.9. We’re in danger of getting to Wappler 4.0 before 4.0 is released :laughing:

Working :smiley:

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