Error storing multi-files data in database

Hi everybody, i have a question here.

I’m trying to upload multiple files and storing the info into a database, using php & mysql.
The thing is the file upload works, but the storing thing is not working properly because it only store the first file in my table and the others are stored as a null.

So, what i’m doing wrong here? Cecause the file-upload step is working well, but not the database-insert step.

PS 1: Maybe should i try the update step, but i wanna know what’s wrong here.
PS 2: When i allow the “throw error” option in the file upload step, i receive a warning message: “Possible file upload attack.” but then: files are uploaded, and only one record is stored in the db.

Please let me know if i wasn’t clear, and sorry for the bad english.

Thanks a lot!

On the insert make sure you choose the bind for the url from the repeat and not the file upload

You can ignore the things like resize and put this is just from a action I have

hey, thanks, already checked, but no luck

Notice in my screen shot my repeat has the expression of my upload yours is inside the repeat. You should try having the upload first then repeat the upload which will get each record it uploaded

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This is the expression of my repeat its linked to the upload step

This is just to say output these fields so I can use them

Wow, didn’t see that, so simple, working now.
Maybe the “attack warning” blinded me a little bit.
Thank you very much.

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