Error saving action file WinPTY connectnamepipeline failed ERROR

I keep getting an error in Wappler that says:
error saving action file WinPTY connectnamepipeline failed.
It is a red notification and prevents files from uploading to the server.
How do I fix this?

Could you share a screenshot? And OS info.
Never heard of such error till now.

I will get the screenshot later. It is windows ten and the local files are in a local Dropbox folder. The original files were created in dream weaver and I imported them using your tutorial. It happens when u try to save action files or choose file>save. If I try several times it will work. It usually crashes my site following the error

it seems your windows account is very limited with user rights and does not have enough rights to execute any commands in the windows console.

You can either increase the rights of you current user (usually regular user is just enough) - or start Wappler as Administrator.

As I investigated further it seems that this issue can also be cause by McAfee Endpoint Security or Avast antivirus. It blocks falsely the access to windows commands.

So if you have this antivirus installed - try disabling it to see if it fixes the issue. If it does and you really want to continue using it - then you can add Wappler as an exception.


I’m having this same issue and have made wappler.exe excluded in McAfee but that doesn’t work. :frowning: turning off the real time scanning does work though. Is there maybe a different file I need to exclude?

Yes we have more exe files. Try excluding the whole Wappler installation folder.

It won’t let me. I only have the option to exclude individual files.

Late to the party but just now got this same error message. In my case, the problem was caused by resident Malwarebytes. Using Webroot antivirus with no problems. Ditto for CCleaner resident.