Error message when using -ms-flexbox - [ was: Bootstrap5 compatibility issues (not supporting -ms-flexbox anymore)]

Wappler Version : 6.01
Operating System : Mac M1
Server Model: Node
Database Type: MySql
Hosting Type: Docker

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?

The recent updates have resulted in my custom CSS file being littered with ‘red’. All based on the display: -ms-flexbox; property as I understand Bootstrap has stopped supporting Internet Explorer.

I have not included this property myself, I have display:flex and it appears both:

display: -webkit-box;
display: -ms-flexbox;

are being included automatically. If I delete these rows and save, it includes them again.

This is not a bug!

The reason why those two lines appear automatically, is because you have set the option to auto add the prefixer and selected other than Only current browsers as in

Setting the browsers to current browsers, will eliminate the prefixes; but this may cause a problem in older browsers.

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The issue/bug (we can call it bad UX if you like) is that the BS file is showing a swathe of red errors due to this.

If I choose to support last 2 versions, then the BS file should respect this choice, and not classify these as errors.

If I choose ‘only current browsers’ then it should correctly classify these as errors.

There is a mismatch here between the BS implementation, and this CSS optionality.

@mgaussie, you are right, it should not show as an error.

But this is an error in the Monaco editor linting; it is not a Bootstrap issue.

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This has nothing to do with Bootstrap.
The errors in the code editor are code-editor related, not Bootstrap related.
You can check the exact error messages at the bottom of the code editor:
Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 8.41.02

I think you’re missing the point a little, but yes largely due to the post title. I’m happy to amend if that makes it easier.

So, did you check what the errors in the code editor are exactly?

I have also been getting the same errors. I think these started after upgrading to v6.0.0. As @ben mentioned in his post, these errors could be related to the editor linting. I have been ignoring these errors, but it would be nice to not show these properties as errors.

Yes, of course. It’s the same as guptast’s image.

@Teodor There was another post regarding this, but unable to find it now.
The issue remains in 6.1.3.

When removing these extra -ms- and -webkit- items and saving, they are added again automatically, and start throwing errors.

Please fix this.

It doesn’t add the items for me. What are your Options for the autoprefixer, which browsers do you target?

Don’t remember changing anything, except prettify option.

Does it remove the prefixes when you change it to Only current browsers?

With only current browsers, those extra properties are removed automatically when formatting the CSS file.