Error message : "Class 'lib\App' not found"

Hi, I am getting the following error.

{code: 0,…}
code: 0
file: “/home/–/public_html/dmxConnect/api/test.php”
line: 5
message: “Class ‘lib\App’ not found”
trace: “#0 {main}”

The server action is working well in local but not in remote

Something seems to have gone amiss when files were uploaded to the remote. Have a look at this file structure and make sure that it is the same on the remote.


Yes, I just noticed it now. The file do not exist on remote server

Have you manually uploaded the file(s) and does it solve the problem?

Yes, now I noted that several files are not transfered, don’t now exactly why… (ie portable-utf8)
I use DW, depending files are supposed to be transfer during the file upload

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All files transfered.It’s working now. Thanks