Error 500

I detect a problem for error 500, but I can’t figure out how to solve it
This is the error that is reported by Wappler

and this as it is reported when saving the action

besides from debugging with Chrome the program stops with this signaling

Where is the problem? And how to solve it?
Thank you

See the debugging procedure here:

but that’s exactly what I did

Have you done this:

click on the cog icon when in server connect.


Then activate debug mode.


This should give more meaningful error messages

You may well have done this already, but in case not…

The most useful information is displayed when you select a file and choose an option, eg:


For errors, the Response tab is probably the most useful.

however the analysis is always the same error


With debug mode on you should get detailed information in your browser window in addition to the browsers developers console info

Does the Response panel give any hints? As I mentioned, I often find this the most useful/specific - eg indicating a particular column doesn’t exist.

Debug mode is inserted right from the start of the analysis, but I can’t find anything more
I used Chrome, now I try with Safari

I found the solution
It was simply a problem of permits that seemed to be okay
I regenerated them and now it works
Thanks for your help

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