ENV variables – dynamic data picker not functioning

While ENV vars bug is being looked at (can’t set them using the data picker), does anyone have a work-around I can use to protect my database login credentials?
Thank you

What bug? Can you please share some context.
ENV vars work fine in Global DB Connections. At least on 5.1.1 version that I am on.
And for DB manager, ENV are not supported at all. Just have to fill in the values. Is this where you want to protect your credentials?

What exactly do you want to protect? Whether you enter your database credentials by hand or enter them as ENV variables, the credentials are always protected.

I thought I read that the credentials are not as secure as using ENV vars? That the ENV vars are stored somewhere else on the server which is inaccessible?
Can you please explain how the creds are protected and set my mind at ease? I can find nothing about it. Are they encrypted? What method? What file are they kept in when uploaded to the server–I’d like to see it myself.

Thank you

This sounds like a UI issue, not a functionality issue.

As for ENV, I assume you have a Windows Server since you aer using ASP .NET. The ENV variables are defined on the OS level on the server itself. From what I know, there is nothing to be concerned about security here.
You server is a private server, and only apps that you want are installed. All apps on the OS/server can access the ENV variables, so just install apps which you trust.
I have had limited real-life use of ENV variables on Windows in Wappler, because we now mostly use NodeJS.