$ENV Global Variable not work in DB Connection

Wappler 4.9.1 Node.js

Hello everyone,

the global variables do not work with the database connection

when I call the variable in the api I can see it.

When I want to use the variable in the DB Connection, wappler tells me it can’t find it



In the database manager you need to enter the direct connection details.
$_ENV variables are to be used for Server Connect Global Database Connections.

OK, understood. But then why do I need the $_ENV???
Double the work…that thing with the two types of connections is a bit strange anyway…but maybe I don’t understand it yet…

If I can’t use it. Wappler automatically enters this variable…well, I’ll test it the way you said

When you have different database connections and database connection details for your different targets ... dev, staging and production.

I already understood that… but it would be nice if I could also use the variable in Dev mode in the direct connection. so I have to enter the things several times in dev mode…you know what I mean?

but thanks for your quick reply!