Emmet to add multiple duplicate components

I would find it handy to have Emmet usage as you already have in your code editor but with adding dynamic attributes.

I often have a need to use things like show or hide with the exact same properties in multiple places, if I could use Emmet to code select 5 places, then click “Add > Dynamic Attributes > Show” and then select my dynamic value and it updated all 5 places it would save a great deal of time.

Given you’re in code view anyway, it would be quite easy to paste the code to multiple places in one go, having applied it just once to copy the code. (I realise I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know.)

Yeah that is exactly the way I am currently doing it, select the first instance, apply my show parameter with action, then copy it, select my other 4 places using emmet and pasting them, just trying to avoid code view as much as possible, but with some things it is faster.
Imagine in design view when you have a form, with say 20 fields, and lets say 10 of them need the “Required” validation, it would be great if you could multi select all 10 fields in design view and add the validation component once to apply to all 10 places.

I'm curious about what you're doing here. I wasn't actually using emmet at all in what I suggested - just using multiple cursors. How are you using emmet in this case? (I don't use emmet very much - I should probably use it more.) Generally, if I were duplicating code in lots of places, I would probably be happier setting it up in code view rather than in design view (but I'm gradually getting more confident - and impressed - with what happens in the background).
I wasn't actually using

Well I am not sure if you would really call this true emmet, its not like i was adding something like ul>li*5 i was just really using the multi cursor selection to add the same stuff in multiple places really. On mac it is just using the cmd key and clicking in many different insertion points.

As I say though, i am really trying to use design view more and more over code view, especially when i am trying to make video tutorials on Wappler, so it would be nice on a video to say, ok lets add form validation now, and cmd or shift select 10 places to add a single “required” to each text field. My last video i did took me 5 minutes just to add all the validation to the form, which is quite a bit of time added to a video.
Only other option is to just show me doing it once and skip all the rest in the video and just say, apply the same to the rest of the fields.

Anyway can hope they add something like this as a small time saver.

Perhaps it's not emmet - but anyway, I think I understood you correctly. It works the same on Windows - Ctrl or Alt (Option) for applying multiple cursors by dragging.

It's easy to take Wappler for granted sometimes. I appreciate what you're saying about the video, but 5 minutes to add client and server side validation to a form - it's pretty quick by normal standards!

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