Embedded gallery links redirect

I have an embedded gallery using an iframe. It functions fine in the iframe, but is there way to send any/all links to a new window? The Add To Cart links in the gallery aren’t functioning properly, but if I go to the URL in a new tab, the items are in my cart.
I was thinking maybe with Apache mod_rewrite, or routing, or some other way? I’ve been banging my head on the wall, and I might just fake it by taking a screenshot of the gallery and just linking that to the gallery in a new window. Not ideal, but need to get this up.

Add target="_parent" to your link?

Is there a reason why you are using iFrames? They are very old and may not be supported by browsers especially on phones.

I’m up for other options.

Here is the code they give me to embed with, but like I said it doesn’t bust the cart out in a new window. I emailed their support.

<script type="text/javascript">var _spRemote={width:960,height:650};var _ce = parseInt(Math.random() * 99999999);document.write('<sc' + 'ript type="text/javascript" src="https://tonybarnhill.shootproof.com/remote/embed?ce=' + _ce + '"></sc' + 'ript>');</script>

Ah, didn’t realize you were embedding third party content.

This functionality needs to be part of the site. Having this in the imbedded site will not work

This will redirect to the other site so that

Makes a lot of sense.

One other option is to replicate the content of the imbedded site. That way there is no need for the iFrame.

Having second thoughts. Have you tried placing the content in a CDN (AWS or similar) and applying that to each of your sites?

I don’t have control over iframe contents.