Embed content pages and partials in layouts in internal browser

@George with the new design modes this is now basically a must.

Is it feasible without a big redesign on how the internal browser works?

So basically you want to see the full layout in design view while editing the content page?

But it should be locked for editing and you can edit only the content page inside?

Also the side panel with App Structure should show only the content page structure?

We actually initially designed the content page editor to focus on the content page only and strip the complexity of the full layout.

But I can understand that sometimes you want to see the whole thing, so a toggle might be useful indeed.


Exactly this. Also partials should render and be locked.


Problem with partials is that they can be added to any other content page or layout, so there is not a single place in the layout for them. So it is difficult to just put the layout page around

It’s not just “painting” the layout around the content page. It’s more like rendering the full page as the layout can also have CSS and JS files that are needed by the content page.

It looks challenging I know but I think it’s the next step needed for completing the visual builder.

How about rendering the full page and add a non-clickable overlay on top of layout and partials and on top of that the content page.

So something like this:

Layout&partials: z-index -1000
Overlay: z-index 1000
Content: z-index 10000

Indeed, this is one of the crucial things that prevent Wappler from being the universal user-friendly nocode tool.

I made the same request some time ago, but it didn’t get attention.

Also need to mention, that there is another problem, that spoils the preview within the Wappler.
Pages within Wappler don’t get query parameters. There is my old FR about it. There are some workarounds, but it’s not convenient.

If Wappler will provide the ability to fully preview pages, it would be incredible!