Electron on Wappler


Hi everybody…
I need to make projects on desktop and would like to try electron. I don t know if is already active on wappler and in case if someone can give me suggestion how to install it on Cordova?

a tutorial would be great…

thank you


Hi Robert,

Making desktop apps is already possible in the latest Wappler 2.0 beta.

  • Just create a new project with the mobile blank template. We will be adding also a desktop blank template, but it is essentially the same.
  • Make sure you have the latest Cordova 9 installed
  • Do a system check to confirm:
  • just add as platform “electron”

build and you will have a desktop app :slight_smile:


Thank you @George!! I will try immediately


Just some questions:

with electron can I use appConnect / Bootstrap or need to use framwork7 like for mobile application?

After builded the application, how can I start it?

EDIT: It works first electron app I did with frameworks… but I cannot understand how to start it without Wappler. Sorry I m very newbie in this!


yes you can use App Connect and Bootstrap or Framework7 (it has a special desktop theme!)

You can use the run button from the publishing toolbar. it will build and run.

What happens is that Cordova creates a full installer for you, so the desktop app can be even installed!

The app and installer can be found later on under:



I did not get this directory.

it works (first have to build it and after to launch with the button you told me).

Should I install something more (like visualstudio ?)

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