Editing Bootstrap-generated Form without Re-running

Hello Wappler Community!

I have made a form with the bootstrap generator, which produces a default form in a table with default field names and default styling. After that, I styled it and organised the field like below:
At first the fields were only City, Country, Currency, Gender. All worked well, the form sends to the corresponding API and updates the DB.

Now I have:

  • added First, Last names and Email fields to the form with the corect “name=” and “id=”,
  • added the same into the POST variables of the API,
  • updated the Update SQL in the API.
    All should go well but the database isn’t updated on pressing Save.

I don’t want to re-run the Bootstrap Form generator as it overwrites the whole form’s styling and layout.
Any idea?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Fred, please post your form code between <form>...</form> and a screenshot of your server action including $_POST and the insert/update/repeat steps showing the database insert window too.

That gives us almost all we need to try help figure out if there is an issue anywhere.

Hi Paul @psweb,
Looking at it yet again I saw that the POST variables were there, but the linked fields were not for these 3. In straight PHP the Post is all you need so I overlooked that. All good now thank you! This article can be closed/deleted as needed.

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