Editable Grids/Tables

Has anyone had an opportunity to create an editable grid in Wappler?
Something like this, with row insert, inline edits and position sort.

Would be great to see some examples of this implemented with a serverconnect database/table



same question over here.
is there an editable grid form?


I need this component in Wappler

if you look youll see its just a bunch of Json. I guess if pushing back that JSON to Mysql/DB it would work…maybe it should be done via Repeat as update/insert/delete should handle each row separately

Especially for reodering pics or stuff it would be helpful.

But maybe the feature contenteditable would also help.


Interesting post about saving data back to db:

ok, but Repeat and Repeat Children don’t accept TABLE html code

I’m also interested in this functionality, do you have any idea if this is a possible new block/element in the future? @Teodor

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It’s currently not natively supported :slight_smile:
Please post this in the features request section so others can vote for this.