Edit Form Date/Time field not displaying date

I am working with PHP and have created a link in a bootstrap generated table that will open that record in an edit form. The form displays all database data correctly except for the field that is a date time. In that field the form displays mm/dd/yyyy --:-- --.

Even when I look at the source of the page displayed I can’t find where “mm/dd/yyyy” is. I’m at a loss of next steps to display the actual date from the database.


What is the field type="" in your form?

In the form, I’ve tried both datetime-local and text. If I use datetime-local it will not show data just mm-dd-yy text but the date is there as when I click on the mm-dd-yy it comes up with the date of the underlying data. If I set it to text the date and time populate but then I get an invalid date error when trying to update the database.
If I set it to datetime-local even after selecting a date, it does not change the text in the input box. It appears as though there is no date selected.

I think I figured it out…Not very intuitive but it seems to be working.
If I make that field in the form a datetime-local
Then Click on Make Date Picker
Then choose Read Only and Plain Text
I can click on the field, the datepicker will show and I can change the date and it will change the text in the field.

Now I just need to be able to figure out how to get rid of, select a valid date for that field when I click save.