eCommerce/Shopping Cart

Will there be plans to have an updated version of the PayPal sliding cart in Wappler? Or something similar?

I have a regular project that I do and maintain but it requires a shopping cart for online ticket sales. It is due for a new rebuild and considering Wappler for the rebuild but I need to be able to do the shopping cart.

Brad, Have a look at

I have seen that, Ben. It doesn’t really provide much help though.

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Bumping up this request. It was an amazing DMX Extension that was so easy to use. I am very surprised that it is not in Wappler. Paypal or Stripe .... doesn't matter. This was a great extension that DMXZone put out for Dreamweaver.

Make it happen! :beers:

@George mentioned in this thread that it was coming soon.

Full Stripe integration has been added to Wappler 3.9.0

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